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IMC AntiBacterial Spray

Inorganic Metal Catalyst Made in Japan Anti Virus and Sanitizing Spray DR LADDER has been used for various product range to ensure our products are protected from bacteria. Inorganic Metal Catalyst is invented by Japanese Professor Miyamoto Hiroki. This high-tech leading technology is certified with a global patent. It can effectively break down and control the volatility of organic […]
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Certificate AS/NZS

BASIC DIMENSIONS. The maximum height a step ladder can extend between landings is 6 m. The width of the step ladder between the stiles is 375mm to 525mm. The stile may be of any shape, provided it fits within a circle 40mm≤ dia ≤ 80mm. All our DR LADDER products are passed AS/NZS Australian Standard. […]
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Certificate EN131

The New EN131 Professional Standard starting 2023 Improving ladder safety and making buying the right ladder easier What are the changes? EN131 is the new revised European standard covering all types of portable step, extending and combinations ladders. The new standards includes Non-Professional & Professional standards for domestic users & workplace users respectively.  The purpose […]
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DR LADDER has its own exclusive rung design called “V steps”. You are not only feeling safe while on top but also while you are feeling extra SAFE going up every single step of our ladder. This design is to increase the 3 main important factors of ladder even better : Stronger in strength High […]
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Why they are so popular around the worksite especially for outdoor construction : Fibreglass – also called reinforced polymer (GRP) is a material universally recognised for extremely strong and, of course, non-conductive to electricity. Durability : Fibreglass ladders are weather resistant and do not absorb moisture. Safety : Fibreglass ladders are unlikely to bend and […]
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Aluminium ladders are substantially lighter than timber and fiberglass ladders.  The metal aluminium does not burn. Firefighters frequently select aluminum ladders because of this attribute.  Ladders made of aluminium are incredibly strong and resilient.  Compared to wooden and fiberglass ladders, aluminium ladders are less expensive. Wise tradespeople, industrial users, and others use aluminium ladders because […]
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Maximum Loading Weight

The load capacity is the maximum weight load that a ladder can bear, previously known as the ‘duty rating’, and is designed to cover both the person using the ladder and their tools and equipment. All ladders made by DR LADDER are manufactured to specific standards, as well as being correctly classified and labelled for […]
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