TDZ Technology

Best Solution Zinc Coating For Metal Products.

What Is TDZ Technology?

TDZ Technology is one kind of zinc coating which is an enhanced and patented development of the galvanizing technology well-known for more than a hundred years. Based on heat up distribution way of zinc coating, the metal will be highly stainless.
The basis of TDZ is a zinc coating technology at several levels of penetration into the metal.
Thus, TDZ technology is an integral unit with the component, but not only with the surface layer, like the other known types of zinc coatings.

The Advantages Of Using TDZ Technology

  • Does not change the texture of the item surface
  • The coating is applied under strictly controlled temperature. Minimum temperature of coating 320C. This allows to coat every items without affecting their mechanical properties
  • Does not require additional machining after coating
  • High adhesion to additional types of coating such as any type of paint or passivator, if necessary
TDZ is a new environmentally friendly technology of thermo-diffusion zinc coating: DiAv-93
Certificates, Patents And Tests


  • ASTM A 1059A/ 1059M – 08
  • ASTM A641-98 Class 1 and 3 (requirements for coating thickness, i.e. from 12 to 15 microns and 90 microns)
  • ASTM A-153 Class D
  • EN 13811:2003
  • Russian Standard GOST R 9.316-2006
  • Israeli Standard 4271
Certificates, Patents And Tests


  • Dade County, USA- PA114 Appendix E Sec. 2 (ASTM G85/A5) – ACQ Lumber
  • DIN 50021 и DIN 50018
  • National Center of Industrial Development of South Africa
  • Michigan State University - ACQ Test
  • The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA), USA-B117
  • Siemens Laboratory, Germany
  • The Institute for Corrosion Protection , Dresden, Germany
  • Mercedes-Daimler Testing Laboratory Brussels Metallurgical Laboratory, Belgium
  • Russian Engineering Laboratory The Standards Institution of Israel Swedish
  • National Standards Institute
Certificates, Patents And Tests

The coating is certified in all key industrial sectors

  • Electric Companies
  • Railway transport
  • Marine Industry
  • Military Industry (US, Israel)
  • Automotive industry (successful tests in the Mercedes-Daimler laboratories, the production line for the Benseler Group company)
  • Oil and Gas Industry
Certificates, Patents And Tests

TDZ process is registered under the trademarks

  • In the U.S. – the ArmorGalv ® trademark (formerly UnStain ®)
  • In the Benelux countries the process is registered under the name Victocor
  • In Russia the process is registered under the names Distek and Victocor
  • DisTek® trademark is registered in Israel.

Environmental friendliness

The TDZ distribution process – an award winner for care for the environment in 2006 (Pollution Prevention Award (MVP2)  

Comparison of Zinc Coatings Methods

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