DR CASTOR Neoo Collection


DR CASTOR Neoo Collection is for you to create a nice interior just by attaching it to a color box or a wooden box.

Easy to install, Durable to use.

Stock will be available soon in Australia. Please contact us for updates and further information.

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The swivel component includes a double bearing arrangement with bearings in two locations to enable dynamic movement. 

It may be moved easily by smooth rotation because bearings are also included in the axle component. 

The wheels are made of elastomer resin, which provide you a quiet condition even if you use it in a room. 

The turning part cover and the wheel axle cover are made to keep dust and other foreign objects out so that the performance can be sustained for a longer time. 

All sizes have successfully completed the running test with a load that is 1.5 times the maximum load. Storage containers, basic tables, carts, cabinets, and trolleys, etc.

Additional information

Wheel Size

25mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm

Bracket Type

Fixed with plate, Swivel with plate, Swivel with plate and lock, Swivel with threaded pin, Swivel with threaded pin and lock


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